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Welcome to the recovery academy. At Project A.B.L.E we strive to deliver the best instruction and training available on mental health and recovery issues. Listed below are a series of classes we provide for both peers and provider agencies. Here you will learn and explore how to have a conversation with anyone you have interactions with in life. The Recovery Academy project delivers an on-going series of classes that teach consumers concepts of and skills related to recovery, and sustaining hope. Included in this series of classes are:

Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy, enhanced by the Consumer Organization and Networking Technical Assistance Center (CONTAC) of West Virginia, is a 15 session skill-based, self-help curriculum for consumers and family members that facilitates the development of specific organizational and advocacy skills. The purpose of the Leadership Academy is to increase the skills of persons with mental illness so they can participate in transforming mental health service systems, as called for in the report of the President’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health.

The Leadership Academy provides interactive training with the goal of educating consumers in how to express opinions effectively, how to advocate for ourselves and our peers and how to have success in influencing the mental health system. The training offers the benefit of empowering a cadre of mental health consumers who have the skills to identify problems in our community, articulate ideas for change, plan for action and work on collaborative advocacy projects with fellow consumers. With a growing emphasis on peer support throughout the mental health system, there is a need for consumers with these skills to provide leadership and support on boards, committees, peer directed programs and grass roots projects.

Partners in Communication – Medication Empowerment

Project ABLE received funding to develop and implement a curriculum for peer-to-peer education on medications (Medication Empowerment Partners in Communication). The curriculum teaches mental health consumers how to talk to providers about medications, how to gather and organize information on medications, and how to make informed choices. The program utilizes a train-the-trainer model and is taught in small classes with two trained leaders co-teaching the class.

W.R.A.P (Wellness Recovery and Action Planning)

Mary Ellen Copeland, PhD

Learning self-help skills for dealing with physical and emotional symptoms can be simple…but it is a much greater challenge using self-help methods during the most difficult times…when they can help the most and incorporating them into daily life. Project ABLE has two certified WRAP trainers.
This plan presents a system developed and used successfully by individuals with a variety of physical and emotional symptoms. It has helped them use self help skills more easily to monitor their symptoms, decrease the severity and frequency of symptoms, and improve the quality of their lives.

This plan will help you:

    • Develop your own list of activities for your everyday well being
    • Track triggering events and early warning signs
    • Prepare your personal responses if symptoms increase
    • Create a plan for your supporters to care for you if necessary