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Peer Employment Navigators is an opportunity to provide support for individuals that are ready to go back to work. Project A.B.L.E. helps them find work that fits what they feel that they can really accomplish at this time in their life. We also provide support and training for them to go back into the workforce. Many of our clients haven’t worked for years. We help by supporting you in looking for a job, applying for a job and working in the job. We contract with other agencies and have direct contact with them to provide peer employment support so that individuals that aren’t quite ready or are  just thinking about returning to work, will still have community support. An individual can have a team, a single peer or have the opportunity to volunteer and help with building a resume or job search. Project A.B.L.E. has contracted with State of Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation services (OVRS) since early 2009 to begin offering peer support services to individuals coping with mental health issues.

Currently Project A.B.L.E. Peer Employment Mentors are working with over 100 individuals within Marion and Yamhill Counties to provide pre-employment job support.

Individuals working with Peer Employment Navigators receive employment supports, and assistance for their job related needs and goals by:

    • Identifying employment goals
    • Identifying educational opportunities
    • Resume assistance
    • Connections to work related sites
    • Skill development and volunteer opportunities
    • Supports before, during and after successful employment