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The clients that come through our doorway are greeted with hope, a sense of community and what it means to have a better life experience. Project A.B.L.E. means freedom from being alone in the world. There is no more sitting at home and just waiting life out. Project Able means recovery. We provide the introduction to recovery, the rest is up to you. Project ABLE has been recognized throughout Oregon and the nation for its award-winning peer support programs.

Mission Statement

Project A.B.L.E., a non-profit organization, provides peer-to-peer services and supports for individuals recovering from mental health and/or co-occurring issues. These supports and services embrace human dignity, expand the capacity for individuals to recover, and promote lifelong empowerment.

Who We Serve

Project A.B.L.E. serves individuals who are, or have been, recipients of mental health services such as: community mental health centers, patients of psychiatric hospitalization, survivors of mental illness and recipients of inpatient or outpatient chemical dependency services.

What We Do

Project A.B.L.E. provides a range of peer delivered services  for individuals who have a mental health diagnosis or are facing mental health challenges. The services provided by Project ABLE strive to promote healing through acknowledgement of and celebration of an individual’s strengths, resiliencies, talents, autonomy, and inherent self-worth.

In addition A.B.L.E. provides provides avenues and supports for building or rebuilding diverse and meaningful community roles and valuable relationships.

Peer Support

Project A.B.L.E. provides opportunities for: personal learning and growth; wellness and recovery;camaraderie and mutual support; consumer leadership development; community and service to other consumers; collaboration with peer, provider and community organizations.


Project A.B.L.E. has extensive experience in implementing peer support programs and has a cadre of over 100 trained volunteers as well a Peer Support Specialist on staff.

Project A.B.L.E. has established relationships with a number of organizations such as: Mid Valley Behavioral Care Network, National Alliance on Mental Illness,  Mental Health America, Oregon State Hospital, Vocational Rehabilitation, Portland State University, and numerous peer-run and provider organizations throughout Oregon.

Peer Volunteers Project

A.B.L.E. provides peer support through its many dedicated volunteers and Peer Support Specialists. The primary role of a Peer volunteer is to provide consumers with peer support and companionship; to help strengthen  participation in the community, broaden support networks, identify personal goals and find resources to help meet those goals.

Volunteers providing peer support help fill the gap between the service delivery system and the individual’s need for connection.

“When consumers/survivors talk about what helps them, they generally credit some person who believed in them, who respected them; someone who made a genuine person-to-person connection with them” (Bassman, 2001, p. 22)


Prior to October 2003, a group of individuals came together in the Salem, Oregon area and discussed what types of support consumer/survivors in the area needed in order to live rewarding lives as active members of their community.

The group determined that the best vehicle for organizing this support would be Peer-led projects sponsored by an independent, nonprofit organization responsible to a Board of Directors. Project A.B.L.E. was the result of those discussions.

In October, 2003, the group filed articles of incorporation for Project A.B.L.E., Inc. with the Oregon Secretary of State. At present, Project A.B.L.E. has a twelve member Peer-led Board of Directors that provides direction and support to the organization.

In addition, Project A.B.L.E. has over a hundred peer support volunteers, 12 consumer/survivor staff members, and 30 certified Peer Support Specialists who work within the organization.