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Watch this space for Project ABLE News and Recovery oriented notes and links. 

NOTE: Newly added links are orange :)


Recovery blog links:


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Recovery Stories & Thoughts

Reprinted from Hopeworks Community Blog (linked above)

ON diagnosis: You are not the things You are called No matter how frequently you are called them, Or who calls Or why they call. You are not the things you are like regardless of how much you are like them. You are not the things that measure you, that place you or limit you. You are not what you have, how you look, or how you feel. You may be many things, But no thing is all you are. You are a gift in a world needing gifts, an opportunity, a miracle, in a world that often believes in neither. You can care and be cared for, Touch and be touched, Laugh and cry, Live and live for. You can be alone or be with, be brave or be scared. Nothing is closed, but nothing is free. Close not your eyes And reach to be all you can be.”


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One Response to “ABLE News & Notes”

  • Tina7heaven:

    I really like this website. I really hope people come in and check out Project Able. The energy and healing that takes place at ABLE can’t be felt online. Just to meet people who have shared similar life experiences, and to hear the recovery stories is empowering. It all starts with one step! I will look forward in meeting the new faces that are ready to have A Better Life Experience, becauce It helped me.
    See ya soon, Tina S.

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